Ooh, G’day mate! Meet my huge, throbbing, pushy…pig.

Bruce the pig...beware!

Two reasons why this pig story tickled us… Firstly, it’s a story about those Austalianishes, and they do make us laugh. And point deux, we found it while we were having a quick look at The Sun. *blushes* Only a quick look mind, just to find said pig story.

Very serious-and-important news this morning is of a Poor Woman Down Under, who can’t go outside to use the toilet (since when did people still have outside toilets? Oh yes, in Australia) for fear of being attacked by her pig. Who is apparently so aggressive that even the rangers (rangers?) couldn’t tame him.

The Poor Woman Down Under said of said pig, “It’s a beautiful male pig but he’s just so big and pushy.” Honey, are we still talking about the pig here?

Oh, and said pig is called Bruce. Of course. Jump over the jumpy for some photos of ickle piglets, just so’s we haven’t put you off pigs for life. Not that this would. Oink. 

Icke piglet More ickle piglets And a tiger and ickle piglets

“Wearing fur? Moi?”

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3 comments to “Ooh, G’day mate! Meet my huge, throbbing, pushy…pig.”

  1. Oh. My. God. Could those piglets be any cuter? Oh yes, if they were in a bacon sarnie.

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  2. Is it a pig or is it Sarah Palin?

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  3. The lack of lipstick would lead me to deduce it’s is Sarah Palin, but just after she has got up in the morning. You know, before she’s had a chance to nip out, pick the papers up, shoot some animals and deny a rape victim an abortion. She has to do all that real quick cos she needs to get home and preach abstinence to her daughter.


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