Fag Hag Diary

Never knowingly been near a Travelodge...


We like Cheryl.

We love the way she smears away a tear with her French Manicured finger every time a builder with cheap highlights sings, ‘You Raise Me Up’ to his recently departed Alsatian. We love the way she silenced the ghastly Tranny Woodall during last year’s Celebrity Apprentice by innocently enquiring, ‘Do ya think you might ‘ave got some of that OCD thing, pet?’ And we love the way she tells the hideousness pit bull in a prom dress, Lilet Allen, to ‘shut up and stop feeling sorry for herself’. But Cheryl has now gone and done something that even Frank Spencer would call, ‘a liddle bit silly’. She’s announced nobly that she wants Ashley to feel like he’s a ‘free spirit’.

Honey, why don’t you just book him a Travelodge hotel room and slip on the condom while you’re at it…?

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3 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. Isn’t a ‘free spirit’ what you call a gay man you’re in an open relationship with…?

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  2. I have grown to like Cheryl, too. She’s very pretty.

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  3. Champagne for Lulu, I knew I loved you but this has sealed the deal. When will people stop going on about his ‘indiscretions with women’. Three years ago he was in the papers for bumming boys. Have we all forgotten that? All the ‘leaked stories’ about him and blonde hairdressers are a smoke screen to make him look like a ‘real man’. Ooh, rant over.

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