What happens when you let Grace Adler Designs do your new nightclub…

Pass the poppers...

That’s not necessarily meant as a disparaging comment. Not necessarily. Necessarily. Not.

This is Vendome, the sister venue of the club of the same name in London’s fucking pricey Knightsbridge. This one’s in Mayfair. They know their demographic…

The designers behind it – Freddie Frampton and Paul Daly – are apparently fed up with the minimalist thing they see everywhere. You don’t say.

So they’ve gone for the explosion-in-Ann-Summers-knickers look. In all those ways you’re thinking.

We quite like the urinals, though. Brings to mind white wee. Apt, perhaps. Perhaps not. Not. Perhaps.

There are more pics of Vendome, Mayfair after the jump (including the nice urinals), as well as some video footage from withinside Grace Adler Designs. Enjoy, woncha…

Try resting your V&T on that... Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
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2 comments to “What happens when you let Grace Adler Designs do your new nightclub…”

  1. Is this a photo of a new club in Mayfair or a still from Saturday Night Fever?

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  2. Whatever.
    By 2am SUnday mornings it’ll all be covered in discosludge.

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