It’s a mug, captain, but not as we know it.

A wiggle in its walk

The overwhelming response we had at the launch party for the V&A’s glittering Cold War Modern show last week (apart from ‘what delicious free champagne! Yes of course we’d like a top up’) was, ‘We want all of this stuff delivered to our homes. Tomorrow!’

Gorgeous futuristic chairs, crazy plastic clothing, funny blobby ceramics, chairs that knock Eames into a cocked hat. Unfortunately, apart from a couple of chairs (one of which we featured here), you just have to look, not touch and move on.

But one thing you can buy for your own home is this rinky-dinky little mug. Only £30 and it comes in three colours. Go to the exhibition (have lunch, the canteen’s lovely) or go here and buy one, as they say, on-line.

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