Just coz.

Green's such a good colour on you.

Coz we want to touch him appropriately/inappropriately/highly appropriately.

Coz he has a nice amount of body fuzzy wuz.

Coz you can see a lump in his shorts, and we sure ain’t talking his locker key.

Coz his knees are attractive. That doesn’t always happen.

Coz coz, coz and coz.

Oh and it’s Friday, and if we don’t get bummed this weekend Momma’s goin’ on strike.


ps. We think it’s Frank Lampard off-of football. We kept wanting to say Steven Gerrard. Are they similar? Who can say. *Token straight person in orifice wearing Next time-piece explains the difference*. Oh, see, right first time.

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4 comments to “Just coz.”

  1. looking at that picture of the lump in his shorts had me thinking of a lump in my throat.

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  2. Bagsy I’m next, Sylvia…

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  3. And to think they all him Fat Frank. He should sue.

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  4. hes so much hotter than david will ever be. jeez.

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