Ooh, is it that time of the year again already?


Feeling a bit pig-sick because the autumn’s kicking in (even if the London weather is actually better now than it was all summer?)?

Think of the upsides. One of which is that it’s nearly time for an all-new Dieux du Stade calender. You know, Frenchy rugby types doing nude photos in the mistaken belief that it’s women buying this stuff? If they only knew…

Well, here’s the new batch in all – or most of – their glory – and, help us out here, is it just us or is the quality definitely on the slide? Go over the jump for more and for a link to the promo video these stills cometh from… 
Salut Bonne journee Allo

As for that link to the video, here it is. Here. 

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2 comments to “Ooh, is it that time of the year again already?”

  1. I’d do all of them. At the same time.

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  2. Talking of ‘slipping’…

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