We hate ourselves so much…

Go Sarah!

For liking the new Girls Aloud single/video.

Don’t get us wrong. We love/hate GA as much as anyone else (we love some – Sarah, even if she did fall asleep during our GA interview – and hate some – Cheryl, when she’s in one of her moods, which seems to be quite a lot) but we would still like to be able to say about one of their singles that we categorically dislike it.

And just as we thought we’d found one (when it came on Radio 2 yesterday our mum – who we were just visiting, OK! – said, ‘Now this is what’s known in the trade as a racket’), we find it’s actually growing on us. Devil!

See it/hear it/feel it after the jump…

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  1. Fab-buh-luss!

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