Emma Thompson? J’adore.

Should-be-Dame Emma T

Last night saw the premiere of Brideshead Revisited

It was the premiere of Brideshead Revisited last night

Brideshead Revisited premiered last night in London’s glittering Chelsea, and Emma Thompson – star withinside said moving picture – had rather a lovely time.

The Daily Mail – never knowingly nice about anyone – naturally had to put a negative spin on it, accusing Dame Emma of ‘stealing the show’, whereas in fact she was just having what is known in the business as a laugh.

*chortles, whilst nodding sagely*

Oh and guess what, we’re looking forward to Brideshead Revisited more than lots of other things. So much so, that we shunned screenings of the free kind in order to group book the Everyman in London’s green and pleasant Hampstead so, you know, it’s like a family event thing with drinks, nibbles and waiter service. You can even get a banquette in there, out the back on the mezzanine level, but going off experience we’d suggest sticking to the ground (and cheaper) level, just ’cause out the back is a little bit too far out the back and for some necessitates squinting. 

Back to Brideshead Revisited. GMTV started off its reporting of last night’s premiere with, ‘You’ve seen the TV show, you’ve read the book…’

*makes very fast car screeching to a sudden halt sound*

Now do exsqueeze us and all, but for some reason we’ve got a hunch that not many of GMTV’s loyal watchership has ever actually read an Evelyn Waugh. Like we say, just a hunch.

Anyways, we’re wet-weeing over the ‘citement of it all, white-weeing over Matthew Goode and Ben Wishaw (the former a bit more, admittedly) who also star withinside, and have the trailer on a loop. Oh look, here it is…! Uncanny.


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4 comments to “Emma Thompson? J’adore.”

  1. I can’t wait neither. Can I come with you on your Hampstead jolly?

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  2. I watched the original on ITV4 on Saturday. Will there be actual bumming the remake, do we think? I do hope so.

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  3. Oh yes, Pilar, there’s a gay kiss in it this time and everything. Not sure if they go the whole hog, but it truly is two of the mens locking front lips. Hooray!

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  4. I’d happily become involved in a spit roast with Matthew and Ben. Ben’s a total bottom, though.

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