How Gullible Do You Think We Are? #7,489

For realz?

This is Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel (anyone else keep getting her confused with Jessica Alba?) in Rome. Engaged in an impromptu embrace. They had no idea anyone else was on the same deserted Roman street, m’Lord. Or, as the Daily Mail put it, ‘there was nothing staged about the unselfconscious moment’.

*makes very fast car screeching to a sudden halt sound*

(NB. We know we’ve done that already today, but needs must.)

So, all things considered, we would like to re-phrase that comment up there.

‘There was everything staged about this totally self-conscious moment.’

ps. Who actually kisses someone like they’re in Brief Encounter?

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3 comments to “How Gullible Do You Think We Are? #7,489”

  1. Yeah, these famouses are happy to be pictured in ‘private’ embraces when it chooses them, yet scream ‘invasion of privacy’ when the situation isn’t totally controlled by themselves. I believe that’s known as hypocrisy.

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  2. Justin kisses me like we’re in Brief Encounter every day.

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  3. There’s usually no time for kissing when I am with The J-man. We’re usually banging like a shithouse door in a gale. It’s tres, tres romantique.

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