Kelly Osbourne has four STDs a year

Luke Worrall: Putting the boy in boyfriend So the workie is still on his knees cleaning up the spillage of soya capo which spewed out of our nostrils when we read this headline on The Daily Mail’s website (sorry, we scrubbed ourselves after we went on it). It was only when we’d rubbed our eyes cute baby-styley and comedy blinked a few times that we realised the error of our reading ways. Kelly Osbourne in fact has four STD’s tests a year.

And what a good girl she is. As much as she has a moon for a face and a child for a boyfriend (who is currently larging it as a fash model right now. One word Kimmy, ‘What the hell?’) we commend her decision. Tis always better to be sensible about these things ladies and gennels.

Here endeth the lesson.

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  1. Who is that boy-child character she’s standing next to? Surely that’s illegal.

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