Dunnit make you proud! *punches heart, lightly*

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So last night t’was the Pride of Britain awards. Lots of do-gooders lovely people doing their bit for others and all that. The official party line is as officially follows: ‘it is the biggest national event celebrating our unsung heroes’. And that doesn’t mean the famouses by the way. Although they were of course out in full force, suffering, as the ever-sympathetic Daily Mail put it, from ‘hair-raising hell’. That’s a slight gentle breeze to you and me ladies and ladies.

You can watch the very glittering awards tonight on ITV1 if you are muchly inclined – and there will be some tear-jerking moments, even for us cynicals. But for now we will have to content ourselves with funny photos of the glitterati (or just mildly famous). Over Mr. Jumpy…

Guilty pleasure? phil.jpg joan.jpg

Miss Collins no less. See, she’s not immune to a bit of British weather. *feels smug*

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2 comments to “Dunnit make you proud! *punches heart, lightly*”

  1. Oh them slebs love the opp to show they’re human. Shed a little tear, get on telly then get slaughtered on free champagne while the ‘heroes’ trudge back to Shaftesebury Avenue Travelodge.

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  2. Joan is about 93 years old. Doesn’t she scrub up well?

    (Well her plastic surgeon does obviously, otherwise she’d have lesions and all sorts of nasty infections and stuff all over her drum-tight face)

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