Look at them Lindas!

Oh, them Lindas

Oh, hello. Here’s the lady whose legs have an entire separate career of their own (well, she obviously doesn’t know what they’re doing when she’s on stage) ready to get them Lindas out for her next tour. 

And which designer would you choose if you wanted to get maximum air on your lallies? Why, Bob Mackie of course! The man who dressed Cher for the Oscars and made frocks for every coke-snorting diva in the 70s.

Here’s the first glimpse of what that old Turner lady (older than the Turners in Tate Britain, in case you were wondering) will be barely wearing on that tour.

Glamour shot delivered. Goodbye. 

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One comment to “Look at them Lindas!”

  1. Good old Bob Mackie, proving that even 85-year-old women can look like hookers. Way to go! Give me a demure Shirley Bassey any night of the week.

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