Perfume, music, movies… is there no end to this woman’s talents? Or indeed beginning?

Ooh, the smell of it

Get your noses and ears ready, ladies and germs, for Paris of Hilton returneth with not only a retarded-looking perfume (how old is she? She must be in her forties and still acting like an eight-year-old who wants to dress up like Tinkerbell just to go with mum down Iceland’s) called Fairy Dust (no connection with 70s gay party drug Angel Dust, we’re sure).

And not only but also… a new single. Now, while we didn’t totally mind last year’s flop album from the House of Hilton (can’t remember the name… something beginning with ‘b’? Should we look it up on the interdolly? Can’t quite be bothered), we do think this – called ‘My New BFF’ (which we think ties in with a new reality show – like it would) – is like 2001/Britney Spears/going to Sweden to record tracks never happened.

Click here. No, sorry, here to, ahem, hear it. You have to scroll down a bit, but it’s not like you’re getting on with your work or anything, is it?

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One comment to “Perfume, music, movies… is there no end to this woman’s talents? Or indeed beginning?”

  1. She hasn’t been shot yet? Whoever does it could claim sanity and would be let off scot-free.

    (*Note to FBI – this is purely and expression of surprise. It is not to be taken as an instruction to someone who lives with wild animals in a log cabin in the arse end of Montana to go and commit such a heinous crime on said oxygen thief heiress).

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