All in the name of art, and er, history…

'Ooh, arty'

Oh hello. This aint just your common-or-garden gratuitous pantalon shot. Oh no, missus, this here is the work of one photographer who goes by the name of *checks interdolly* Mark Henderson. And who might he be? Well you insatiable factualicious-fans, Mr. Henderson is a Very Important Photographer who specialises in ‘shooting provocative yet comfortably familiar images of beautiful men’. So he basically gets his modelettes to drop trou’ in the shower / on the double divan / on one of them wicker garden chairs you get down Homebase… and we likey.

After extensive and frankly exhausting research we can inform thee that the reason for the slightly unreal-and-blurry-look is that Mr. Henderson gives his photographs a ‘painterly quality’ which is influenced by the Baroque period and 17th century art. And in the interest of art and history we’ve added a few more beautiful men to perve over admire the aesthetics of, over the jump. Thankings.

'Ooh, painterly' 'Ooh, historical' 'Ooh, Homebase'

Ps. There’s a whole book filled with this stuff, titled ‘Household Idols’, to be released in December. Just in cases you were wondering.

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3 comments to “All in the name of art, and er, history…”

  1. They’re horrible. And if anyone should know about art…

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  2. Truely bad compositions. Which is prolly why I’m staring.

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  3. Holy cripes.

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