Hit a note. Any note.


Now ‘Angels’, the Robbie Williams ‘classic’ is famously easy to sing. Why, we’ve even sung it drunk walking down the highways and byways of London’s glittering Soho at ungodly hours ourselves and got it pretty much note perfect.

And Jessica Simpson is famously one of the better of ‘that type’ of singer. ‘That type’ meaning ‘blonde, tarty and generally useless’.

So why oh why did she make such a dog’s breakfast of the song when she appeared on the Americanino version of Strictly Come Dancing? Obviously, she’s got those two dancing really quickly to try and put her off but there can be no real excuse for this (after the jump), can there?…

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2 comments to “Hit a note. Any note.”

  1. I had to mute it. Dogs were starting to howl.

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  2. Not ugly though, not ugly. In fact, quite obsessed with her fourth album (not the fifth, not the country one).

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