*adopt French accent, please* Une question: To whom does this bobby dazzler belong…?

Innit long!

That bloke up there is someone we’ve never clapped eyes on. Ever. Never ever ever ever ever, amen. Ooh, men……

We digress. That fella up there is the bumming piece off-of a famous. Mais who? Who? Who? Who could it be? Who?

Let’s look at the evidence, in point form for easy reference:

1) He’s wearing a cap. It’s a heterosexual cap, in that it’s a cap. So the famous he’s bumming must surely be a female lady.

2) He’s wearing a Kentucky *squints’ Wildcats t-shirt. That means nothing to us. But the tits therein are of largesse. That means everything to us.

3) He’s wearing the sort of watch Mens Health do features on.

4) He has a crotch, and a nice-looking, male kind of crotch at that. The jean-age, aussi, seems utilitarian rather than for fashion, so wethinks he’s still bumming a lady of the female kind.

5) That’s a lady’s leg. The lady in question, en fait. The lady around whom this whole ‘citing story is angled. The lady who gets to bum this gennelman of attractive repute.

6) The boots. We je n’approve pas, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Guess who it is yet? Guess? Yet? It? Who? Skip over the jump for the big reveal…

It’s Shannen Doherty off-of BH 90210’s bum-chum, ladies and ladies and gennel-ladies! See!

Shannen 'with an e' Doherty

Obviously we’re being tres presumptuous. They may not be sexualising, but Shannen with an ‘e’ is certainly texting… and we all know what that means…

*reaches for the wet wipes*

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3 comments to “*adopt French accent, please* Une question: To whom does this bobby dazzler belong…?”

  1. *adopt northern accent* ‘Ad ‘im, and ‘e were a dirty bastard.

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  2. The jeans are not utilitarian, they are dolly. Look at the faux wear ‘n’ tearage.

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  3. He looks like that Julian McMahon off-of Nip/Tuck.

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