Kate Moss in glittering gold.

Kate Moss

And now for something fabulous to kick off this Friday morning – Kate Moss, enshrined in 18 carat gold and captured forever in a statue of huge proportions. It’s official name is ‘Siren’, intended by artist Marc Quinn to lift Miss Moss to a ‘mythical level’. A few facts, if you will…

– It weighs 50kg, and is the largest man-made gold statue since Egyptian times.

– It cost £1.5 million to make, and £1 million in gold alone.

– It is expected to sell for £10 million when sold.

Quinn, in light of the dreaded credit crunch, had this little gem for us:

‘Why should gold be worth lots and steel not? It’s because we have agreed it represents something in our society. If there was a war or anarchy this would be melted and turned into bullion.’

Let’s hope not. You can catch the ‘Aphrodite of our times’ (and that’s a direct quote from the British Museum just so’s you know) at said museum as part of the Statuephilia exhibition. Incidentally, Marc Quinn is also responsible for the self-portrait head cast made from frozen blood that the National Portrait Gallery is raising funds to buy. We’ll stick to gold darling, thanks all the same.

Jump over for more pictorials of the ‘Siren’. Gives a more rounded view we feel.

From the side... And diagonally... And a close-up to finish
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  1. If I could bend like that, I’d never leave the house.

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