Our best boyfriend’s being kept very busy

Oh, we need toilet roll...

Meet (but don’t try to touch) our favourite boyfriend David Gandy. Not only is he being kept very busy by those nice people at D&G (we think they’re called Dolce and Gabbana, but don’t quote us), he’s also now doing fragrance duties for Zirh, which we obviously don’t know how to pronounce: Zeer? Zerr? 

Why don’t you ask David himself? He will be appearing (ta-da!) in London’s glittering New York, at Bloomingdales no less, to press flesh (only above the waist, sadly) and talk about this stuff. He’ll be there tomorrow (that’s Saturday) between 1 and 3 of the pm. At the 59th Street branch. Oh, and can you get us some cheap pants while you’re there? 

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  1. Hello hubby.

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