Reasons why we heart Liza #13227461939311

Life is a Cabaret, old bum chum Yesh darlings, thish ish Liza Minnelli (that’s double ‘n’, double ‘l’ fyi) off-of Judy Garland, shprawling and writhing like the large voiced lady that she ish. Performing on Italian chat show Porta A Porta (which we hear meansh ‘Door to Door’. Ain’t we clever?) yester eve our lady Liza was wearing an ickle top slash dress slash lacy sack.

Either Liza was having a senior moment and simply forgot her outfit’s back bottom half, or she was proudly (and righty so) showing off those 62-year-old pinsh of hersh. For all the doubters and people who the red tops are saying were ‘shocked’ by the ‘raunchy’ (oh please) performance, surely someone who said in an interview earlier this year ‘I have two false hips, a wired-up right knee, two crushed discs and scoliosis. If I don’t dance, I seize up’ is more than welcome to shtrut her shtuff ash and when she damn well pleashes. We shalute you and your chat show anticsh Mzzz Minnelli.

*takes Sally Bowles hat off*

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