The pleather’s all ours!

Just the feel of it

As we were saying to Pink the other day (come on! You’ve got to love that as a name drop) the reason PETA do so well is they have a sense of humour. And she bats right back, ‘Oh, and they do something. They don’t just sit around talking.’

Exhibit A of all that is this hot tamale of an ad starring porn icon Jenna Jameson proving that when you’re getting all kinkied up, you don’t have to rely on the skin of dead animals. You can wear pleather (and it’s easier to wipe down, if you know what we mean).

And though we really don’t want to do this, we’d like to show you PETA’s new vid showing just the sort of cruelty that goes into making boxy unflattering fur coats (ladies of Milan take note!)

So watch that and while we would never endorse any illegal action, we do find that people wearing fur makes us twitch so much with anger that we sometimes accidentally spill our drinks right on their coats. We just can’t help it.

Anyways, brace yourself, watch the vid and send it to fur-wearing friends. If such a thing exists… 

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