You’re not wanted any more, please leave

Keep smiling love - people might believe you're actually happy We hear that Myleene ‘lacking any’ Klass has set her sights on the U.S. of A, to do what is now officially known as a ‘Cat Deeley’ and attempt to ‘make a name for herself’ in America-ca-ca.

Yes, Myleene off-of ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ (which the redtops mistake for being ‘multi-talented’) is reportedly effing orf to start work on MTV project. And as much as we don’t like Myleene (I mean really, Myleene? Even Chardonnay or Bianca or Ashleighn are less ‘I drink Panda Pops from Happy Shopper’ names) we are really quite happy for her.

The sooner she hauls hefty arse off our fair Isles, the better. Presumably if the ‘Cat Deeley’ goes to plan she’ll disappear off our screens and in fact, off the radar that people always mention when saying ‘disappear off’, altogether. Yaaaaaaay!

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  1. I hate Smyleene No-Klass…she makes me want to vomit every time I see her!! Good riddance I say

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