Fag Hag Diary

No uggers round here, svp.

Esther Rantzen has written a piece today in my most favourite of all BNP fansheets, the Daily Mail. It’s about the Jo Brand lookalike one on Strictly’s Got Talent. And it’s called ‘Why all women love an ugly man’. Do you want to tell her boys or shall I? 

Oh Esther, I don’t know quite how to break this to you darlin’, but not all women do love an ugly man. That’ll just be you ugly women I’m afraid. All the other ‘here come the girls’ type pretty ladies with their doll-like eyes, little snub noses and teeth that Godzilla hasn’t called up about requesting their return, don’t like uggers men at all. They like nice handsomers men.

But you uggers ones perform a vital public service and we’d all be lost without you. Because you kindly clear the streets of Soho, and toilets of Hampstead Heath, of all those bush pigs… and we’d be quite lost without you.

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