Now, we know you probably all totally j’adore Drew but can we just say…

She love them homosexuals

Yeah, yeah, yeah, she’s the Hollywood actress who seems really nice, really normal, really down to earth. Well, let us just say nice is the last refuge of the boring. Besides, when we met her we found her to be rather less than nice. She seemed to be taking a mini-break from niceness. Nice didn’t seem to be in her admittedly limited repertoire. Shall we just leave it there?

But we’re not here to talk about some rather glaring lapses in manners on our meeting, we’re here to talk about an interview she’s done in Harper’s Bazaar on the subject of ‘homosexuals’.

‘It’s the first time I’ve really admitted I’m a Democrat,’ she goes in the no doubt probing interview. Oh. ‘Barack Obama’s values are my values. For example, when I heard him speak about a gay person never having to sit outside a hospital room with their loved one sick inside, I burst into tears.’ Honey, this stuff needs to go into the work.

And the reason she shed tears of pure water? ‘So many people I care about are homosexual’. Homosexual? What year is this? Have you also got negro friends, Drew?

Are we being over-sensitive? Is our opinion coloured by her rudeness when we met her? Or is she a twat? Answers on the comments section s.v.p.

Oh, and she goes on to say that John McCain is a ‘good person and he does care’, which is what is known in the trade as ‘hedging your bets’. 

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3 comments to “Now, we know you probably all totally j’adore Drew but can we just say…”

  1. “Nice is the last refuge of the boring.” I like that. I’m going to use that.

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  2. What a shame. I always thought she was such a nice girl. Not a twat, as she evidently probably is. Boooo to Drew.

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  3. I used to pretend to fancy her when I was in the closet.

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