‘Ooh, Lord, is it really nearly five o’ the clock already and sing-songs have still not been had?’

Paging Ms. Teeq

And today, mainly because it’s her 30th birthday but partly because we’ve just got back from interviewing the de-lovely Alesha off-of Strictly Cometh Dancing and formerly Mis-Teeq (and Harvey, obv., but let’s not go there), we thought we’d be sing-songing along to something by her.

Then we heard ‘Scandalous’ in the course of our researchery and thought, ‘Bugger it. Let’s use that until she gets that newie out.’

So, true to our own word to ourselves, here is Mis-Teeq (featuring Alesha) with ‘Scandalous’, as seen in the Armani Code ad… 

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