Reasons why we heart Pamela Anderson #163482719

Birthday suited (and booted?) 

Because she is 41-years-old and she strips totally starkers, as in nuddy, nude, and naked as the day she was born to deliver Mr. Playboy himself, Hugh of Hefner his birthday cake. The man is 82-(earth)-years-old for god darn’s sake and ‘pparently all he could muster from his aged, probably-in-need-of-some-Chapstick lips was, ‘You’re looking good’. Oh the old charmer.

The show was broadcast last eve and spoil sporty censor types got the old blur tool out on Photoshop to hide tit and twat, sorry boob and beaver, sorry nip and Na na, sorry mamories and muff – oh you get the idea.

Ms. P to the A has been the centre fold, ‘Ooh, watch the staples’ in Playboy a total of 13 times and has said she’d like to do a 14th. Yay to ladies-of-a-certain-age-with-a-good-enough-body-to-still-be-getting-their-bits-out!

Oh look, here’s another picture…

Careful of those candles! Thankings.
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  1. Hahaha, with the blurred bits she actually looks like a Barbie Doll. Loving your work Pammy!

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