Don’t do it!

You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes.

Rumours hath emerged that a remake of Absolutely Fabulous is on the cards.

That’s on the cards. Not around them, or underneath, but on. Not to the side, not hovering tentatively above, but on. On we tell you. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.

This saddens our teeny tiny dolly hearts.

For why? we hear you cry. Oh that rhymes.

This is for why.

It’s Fox who want to do the remaking. Which means it’s an American version. Which will be set in LA.

Now then now then, we’re not going to go down the ole ‘originals are the best and Americans just ruin British shows’ route because that’s often bollocks. We give you The Office *pause* We give you………….. Oh.

Anyways, we’re not sure Ab Fab would translate. Admittedly we said The Office would never translate, and it did. Sometimes we even think it’s better than Her Majesty’s version. But we’re convinced Ab Fab wouldn’t translate. Even though ‘Source’ tells us that Fox is collaborating with the BBC and not only the BBC but Jennifer Saunders as well, which gives us a glimmer of hope. Jen ain’t doing the writing, though; Christine Zander of Saturday Night Live fame is.

And we hear Cybill Shepherd is up for Eddie Monsoon. Love. Her. But no.

No idea who’ll be attempting Patsy. Dame Joanna Lumley, it goes without saying, is matchless.

We wait with baited breath, etc. And the taste of 18 strong coffees in an attempt to shock us out of early morrow fatigue.

Now let’s look at a random selection of Ab Fab clips. Hooray! *does no work for rest of day*

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5 comments to “Don’t do it!”

  1. Please don’t touch our baby.

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  2. Don’t mess with perfection.

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  3. Cybill Shepherd doing AbFab is redundant. Her own “Cybill” sitcom was the American AbFab already.

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  4. A proposed American remake that would have starred Carrie Fisher was put into motion by Roseanne Barr but never got off the ground. However, Barr did incorporate many elements of the show into the final season of her eponymous show Roseanne in which her character wins the lottery, Saunders and Lumley reprise their Absolutely Fabulous characters Edina and Patsy. Mo Gaffney also appeared in the episode, but not as her character Bo.

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  5. Last time the yanks tried to do this they had to block out drinking, swearing, smoking and any references to drugs. Kind of the same waste of time as the Pope turning up to talk about Christmas without being allowed to reference mangers, cribs, bright stars, wise kings or lil sproglet J-man.

    It got dropped, cos it was crap.

    Unless they can unburden themselves from this kind of shit then it’s not worth doing. Seeing as Fox is a Murdoch owned channel, who have a sister in the appallingy neo-con Fox News, I’m guessing it will be an unmitigated pile of shite as they just won’t ‘get it’.

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