We heart London: reason #1231846749.

Jubilee Walkway on a lovely summer's day

Hooray! It’s one of those lovely London mornings that we j’adore – autumnal sunshine, clear blue skies and not a hint of rain. Ooh, ’tis enough to make us feel all warm-and-fuzzy inside (might be something to do with the remnants of last night’s alcomahol intake and we will probably stop feeling quite so warm-and-fuzzy as soon as the after-effects kick in).

But anyway, we digress. Let’s look at some pretty photos of London’s glittering London, as taken by the lovely (if somewhat dull) readers of The Guardian. That there one above is on the Jubilee Walkway near the Southbank Centre, on a bootiful summer’s day. *looks out the window smugly at the current lack of rainage* Don’t it make you proud? Pop through for more pictorials.

What eye sore?

London’s glittering London Eye.

Blow me

One of London’s glittering street musicians blows his instrument. No innuendo intended.

And the clouds parted...

A view from London’s glittering Tate Modern.


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