The man in the dress writes ‘The Boy in the Dress.’ Oh, how scintillating.

Vivienne, dahlings

So he’s done Little Britain (here and over the pond). He’s freezed his bits off swimming across the channel of English. He’s dressed up in lady-like couture. Quite a lot. And now, ladies and germs, David Walliams is writing a book. For children. Yes, children! We were a bit puzzlefied too, let us tell you.

Said book will be titled ‘The Boy in the Dress’ and we’re guessing will be just a teensy bit autobiographical. The book will be about a boy who dresses in dolly clothing (although most probably not quite like the offering from Vivienne Westwood of j’adored fame, as sported by David in above pictorial), and will tell the story of his journey for peer approval.

‘Tis a good thing we reckon, although we are a bit bored of Mr. Walliams and the dress thing. And his role in recent Harold Pinter play. Nuff said.

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  1. Methinks Little Britain should take a Little Break.

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