Hotties of the world unite!

Eat this, bitch!

We brought you the news of Pammie Anderson’s attack on the virus that is Sarah Palin (you might remember the immortal words: ‘Suck it!’) and Madonna’s warning that the dirty lipsticked pitt bull better not try and sneak into no Sticky and Sweet concerts. Well now, old school babe Brigitte Bardot has put her two-Euros worth in.

‘I hope you lose these elections because that would be a victory for the world,’ she says (sounds a bit flat in English but we bet in French it was laden with ooh la la).

‘By denying the responsibility of man in global warming…’ So, she’s well informed on the pronouncements of the dirty winker… ‘by advocating gun rights and making statements that are disconcertingly stupid, you are a disgrace to women and you alone represent a terrible threat, a true environmental catastrophe.’

She went on to refute that La Palin was a pitt bull in lipstick saying she’d known many dogs and none were as dangerous as that particular mutt.

Bien dit, Bardot! 

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