It’s water, only better.

*gulp, gulp, gulp*

Water. Not only is it wet, good for you and readily available through your tap or, if we’re speaking to you in an orifice environment, a clunky old water cooler, but it is now pretty. And not any old pretty, either – Jean Paul Gaultier pretty. *bats eyelashes like a ‘girly girl’/prostitute*

In a nutty shell (omega 3s, people – omega 3s!), Jean Paul Gaultier’s designed a bottle or two for Evian, and they look rather nice. There’s an ‘haute couture’ version and a ‘pret-a-porter’ versoin (apologies, by the way, for the lack of a grave accent and an upside down v on ‘pret-a-porter’. We’ve only just worked out how to do the é in Beyoncé on this frikkin’ keyboard…), and we think they look dead nice. We’re not sure which is which up there, but it makes us want to drink water even more than before, which means they’ve at least earned back the money they paid JPG.

If this has wetted your appetite (wetted. S’funny), why not go here for more information of the informative kind.

Good evening.

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  1. I never drank water until now.

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  2. Thought you would be

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