Paris for President. ‘Loves it.’

Loves it!

Oh.Dear.God. We weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry when we found this little, erm, gem. Paris Hilton, off-of general skankiness and disgusting little rat dogs and trying to find a new BFF for Christmas, has recorded this video with Martin Sheen, who was the ‘fake President’ (is that what the cool kids are calling Bush these days?) in the West Wing.

Paris solves the world’s problems in two minutes of torture, if you can bear to watch the whole thing. Iraq, the economy (we’re suffering from the biggest depression since the Notebook, innit), MC Hammer…there’s no end to her dirtiness powers. So pop through to watch said video, but you have been warned.

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One comment to “Paris for President. ‘Loves it.’”

  1. Love him.

    She should die. Or be put to death. On TV. In Prime Time. Globally syndicated.

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