‘That’s so gay!’ gets a bitch slap

Wanda Woman

You know this woman. You like this woman. Well, now you like her even more. Her name ’tis Wanda Sykes (no relation to Eric) and you’ll have seen her on Will & Grace, Curb Your Enthusiasm, she even had a little sit-down chat with Ellen (so she must be a lesbian, right?)

Well, here she is in a cute little video from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and the Advertising Council where she gives a good (verbal) kicking to some kids using the expression ‘that’s so gay’.

See the vid over the jump. In the meantime, shall we unleash her on Chris Moyles?… 

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2 comments to “‘That’s so gay!’ gets a bitch slap”

  1. “Knock it Off” s’like “Get Over It.”

    But one letter longer.

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  2. You think that’s good? Watch this. the woman knows what she thinks and knows how to say it. Really it should be an Obama/Sykes ticket for the White House: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KADr2KG5aso

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