Suck 'n' slurp Now as you know we’re usually more than partial to a nudey shot of beautiful man business, but we must say today we will mostly be enjoying this semi-nudey shot of Angelina Jolie taken by our sometime boyfriend Bradulus Pittus. See, he’s not just a pretty face and/or body.

Appearing in the next issue of W magoizine, the shots show Angelina breastfeeding one of her many children, adopted and birthed. It’s noice because it’s personal and intimate and *squish squish* family-y, so there.

Anyway in more unreasonably beautiful brunette news, hasn’t Nigella Lawson got surprisingly big ears? Click through for the evidence.

Ear, ear ye

This is she with husbandage of buying art fame Charles Saatchi and we just thought we’d say, woah there Nelly. Ever heard of pinning?

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4 comments to “Bitty!”

  1. nigella’s ears are barely noticeable if you’ve seen her in the flesh like what I have (it was a book signing – I was accompanying one of my boys). First you notice the absolutely humungous hips and arse on her – freakishly big but I wouldn’t say entirely unattractive. Then obviously you spot the massive tits, so the ears are the last thing you notice – to be fair they probably act as some sort of visual counter balance to the massive arse really.

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  2. I am shocked to witness Nigel’s large ears, although Dolly looking at the arse you mentioned, I think you might be right about it being a visual counter balance, or perhaps even a physical one. She might topple over otherwise.

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  3. Comedy ears, surely.

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  4. noooo…. her face a thin,thats why we look like that, by the way ….nobody is perfect.

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