Hello dolly!

Step away from the tweezers No, lady above is not Zac Efron, although the plucked to within an inch of their lives eyebrows may have confused you a little. That there is Prince – formerly of The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, formerly known as good – and that is a picture taken from his new book, 21 Nights.

The book is a photo diary of last year’s 21 date sold-out concerts in London’s was-once-nasty-but-is-now-thoroughly-glittering 02 Arena.

He performed at the launch party last night and 21 Nights is out now. Click on through to the other side for some more pwitty pictures taken from withinside of its leaves.
'I feel one of my heads coming on' And one more for you…

'Is it me or is it really dark in here?' *doesn’t even think about white weeing*
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3 comments to “Hello dolly!”

  1. Prince is, was and always will be a musical genius.

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  2. Prince could park his Little Red Corvette in my Raspberry Beret any time, and I am sure I’d Gett Off. All hail the Purple One

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  3. I heart Prince

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