‘Hey, Jude (does Dr. Watson).’

Dr. Watson I presume?

No sillies, not literally. Dr. Watson is fictional, no? We quite innocently meant that the first pictures of Jude Law all suited and booted in Sherlock of Holmes garms have been released for general public viewings. By the by, t’reason for pictorials is that he’s appearing in latest film off-of Guy Ritchie (who may or not be a teensy bit of a homophobe, but t’aint Judith’s fault is it?) as said detective, as in Sherlock Holmes’ BFF and confidante and very-clever-biographer.

And don’t he scrub up well? We like the mean, vaguely intelligent look around the eyes, the black trouser and braces combo and the slight hintage of a wife-beater under white shirt. Ooh, and handlebar moustache? A grower, we thinks.

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  1. Ooh, loving the return of the tache. So much tickly enjoyment.

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