In today’s other Prince news…

Won't be following in Kylie's trotter printsThis time we’re talking of Prince Charles, as in the heir to the throne that gives us a guilty fanny tingle whenever we see him. Oh come on, power AND looks, now not everyone is that lucky.

Our Prince, one-day-to-be-King Charlie has turned down an invitation to appear on Dr Who. We hear from that suspiciously well connected person known as ‘Source’ that exec producer/writer Russell T. Davies did the proper thing and penned a letter to Clarence House asking if HRH PC would make a cameo in an upcoming show.

The response? ‘No, ta.’

Anyway in light of a royal story, let’s have a royal poll…

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2 comments to “In today’s other Prince news…”

  1. I voted for Charlie. He’s SUCH a gulty pleasure. It’s a father figure thing is it not?

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  2. Willy, give me Willy.

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