‘The World’s Sexiest Men.’ Hoorah!

Ooh, VPL

Oh. Hello.

Cosmopolitan magazine have revealed their list of world’s sexiest men, as-voted-for-by-the-readers. Now, usually we would read something like this and a tirade of cynicisms would escape our lips, along the lines of ‘it’s all so biased,’ ‘what ‘tards decided that these here specimens are sexy’ and ‘where be Clive Owen / Colin Firth /David Gandy?’ Etc, and so forth, blah blah blah.

But due to the grey clouds and general dismalness of this Monday morning we thought we would bring you some pretty as many semi-naked photos we could find of the top five men in said list. And may we say that the Cosmo ladies have actually done very noicely with their choices. We’d particularly like to bum numbers three and four. Ooh, and two and five, maybe in a sandwich?

Join us over the jump for those pictorials. In which order?

1. Mr. Johnny Depp

Better with clothes on?

2. Mr. George Clooney

Silvery Foxy

3. Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal

Hello cowboy

4. Our boyfriend (that’s Mr. Daniel Craig). Look at him again? Oh, go on then.

Yes please!

And finally…Mr. Brad Pitt

Off-of Angelina Jolie* needs a lie down / box of tissues*
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3 comments to “‘The World’s Sexiest Men.’ Hoorah!”

  1. Daniel’s shirt looks like he has a sweaty chest. No bad thing you understand, just an observation.

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  2. Wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed, but think Jakey should be at the top (of the list). Also agree with Johnny wearing clothes – not quite as hot minus shirt.

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  3. Brad Pitt is having something of a renaissance in this house.

    (If here were actually to turn up at this house it would be somewhat less of a renaissance and somewhat more of a damn good seeing to….)

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