One and the same

Who are you? Who who, who who?So Jacqui Smith has been int’ rags twice on this very day.

First, she has stated that there will soon be a ‘Three strikes and you’re out’ policy on smoking the wacky stuff.

Second, she has been accusing peeps of ignoring the terrorist threat to our fair Isles because some fellow politicians have scrapped proposals for detention extension (again with the rhyming!)

But enough with all that news stuff let’s us now look, point, laugh and possibly gasp at Mz. Smith’s double and we mean, full on, double-take, rub-your-eyes-and-blink-a-lot, this-must-be-your-twin double.
It’s Paul Merton!

Mr Paul Merton They also both wear spectacles and are of a similar build, which is widely (excuse the pun *a-hee*) known as lumpen…

Mrs Merton? Mr Smith? Separated at birth or what?
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  1. Soooo true! Except Paul Merton’s beautifuller.

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