Our Glorious Leader story #33712897319273

Aint it a shame?

OGL is literally ALL over the wordly news this morrow. Yesterday we brought you oh-so-controversial news of La Madge’s ‘killer heels’ and you were all almost, nearly, but not quite shocked to the core. Today, ‘tache watchers, the Daily Mail hath reported on her slightly hairy upper lip. These are the same vile creatures, mind, who repeatedly tell the world about her ‘unsightly’ hands, feet, hair, veins…jealous, much?

And now (well actually this morning via the wisdom of GMTV) we hear that Mr. and Mrs. Madonna are to divorce, and the worldly news this morrow actually seems to be surprised. We think you’ll find, wordly news, that we pointed this out in July. See? Ooh, we’re full of connections today.

What do we think, ladies and gen’s? Good thing, bad thing, couldn’t care less? Answers on a ‘Say No to Guns’ postcard, por favour.

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2 comments to “Our Glorious Leader story #33712897319273”

  1. Better off without me thinks.

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  2. It’s probably her nasty hands that have put him off. Imagine waking up to them of a morning.

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