‘Hold the phone, has it gone past the hour of 4 and we’ve not had a sing-a-ding-dong?’

Ooh, burger king

1999. The year of the rabbit and ‘The Sixth Sense’ and the formation of S Club 7. And, so we hear, the last time Britney Spears had a number one hit in Americaland. How the years have flown by, and how the school tables have turned. *sits pensively and reminisces, a la Britters above* The lady has been through marriage, divorce, hair disasters and, shall we say, image issues, but hoorah, her new singlet ‘Womanizer’ is numero uno in said Americaland. Hoorah again!

Let’s have a looksy at that number one hit from 1999, ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time.’ Ooh, takes us back…


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