‘Running on a wheel isn’t enough – they like a more extreme rush’

'Totally ratical dude'. We hate ourselves for that.… so says a 14 year-old halfling called Boomer Hodel (eh?) from Hawaaii, who evidently has nothing better to do with his time than teach his pet rats how to surf. We don’t even want to go into what we were doing when we were 14, but it certainly wasn’t that kind of water sport. Well, in all honesty it wasn’t the other kind either. We didn’t go there until we were 15.

The rats in question are called Fin and Tofu (noice) and their owner said their love of the surf came after he took them down to the beach for a wash one day and they’ve ‘never looked back’!

One passer by said *does comedy Eurotrash voice* ‘I couldn’t believe it when the rats started surfing. They was really good, surfing very fast and having a grand old time.’

‘They was really good’?!!

'Weeeeeeeeeee' [Insert gag about ‘drowned rats’ here]


Fin. As in The End. Not the rats name. Goodbye.

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  1. I hope he’s happy

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