Sainsbury’s car park, ten minutes?

Puppies. Dogs. Dogging. Geddit?

Would you adam-and-eve it (that’s ‘believe’ for our Americaland friends), the police have only gone and said they will ignore ‘dogging’ couples and gay men (that’s men who actually have sex with men. Who knew?) having sex in public toilets, aka ‘cottaging’. Apparently officers are to ignore jerk-off (hehehe) reactions when they spy any back-bottoming action and instead focus on busting outdoor events organised by sex forums. S’pose there had to be a catch.

Red tops and retards are of course worried that ‘normal’ people won’t be able to use public toilets without coming across a gay couple at it over the urinals. ‘Tis a matter of great concern, amongst other impotent (see what we did there? See?) issues, such as the Credit Crunchie, global warming and Madge’s divorce. The case continues. *heads off to the nearest public loo*

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  1. So the police will have a legit excuse to peruse Gaydar all day now then? All in the name of research m’Lord.

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