Those Ferrero Rochers won’t stand a chance if Oprah becomes ambassador to Britain

Madam ambassadrix?

It’s true! Well, the rumour’s true. Apparently.

If Obama wins President Idol he will be sending  none other than Oprah Winfrey to the UK as American ambassador. The world is agog. The world is ordering up extra showbizzy autumn wardrobes for the ambassador’s reception.

What next? Diana Ross as Archbishop of whatever their equivalent of Canterbury is? Chaka Khan as Head of the Supreme Court? RuPaul taking over the armed forces?

This all comes with the official stamp of the Financial Times on it, so it’s not made up like Kelly Brook going out with the Cipriani fellow (oh, did we say that out loud?) 

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3 comments to “Those Ferrero Rochers won’t stand a chance if Oprah becomes ambassador to Britain”

  1. I have a lot of time for O, but what is this trend for having random celebs doing political jobs. TV presenter Boris the tosser in London, beauty queen Sarah Palin in USA, now Oprah… We’re voting for Kermit the Frog for next mayor of London.

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  2. Oh isn’t this exciting news! Who will you be sending in exchange? I nominate Carol Vorderman, she is good with numbers……..TV hosts as ambassadors, great new idea!

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  3. We should send Peaches ‘fuckinguselessworthlesscunt’ Geldof to be Ambassador somewhere. Somewhere they execute people they don’t like. Texas will do. There has to be a clause that says we don’t have to take Paris oxygenthievingnocount Hilton in return though.

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