Fag Hag Diary

What ever happened to class?


It didn’t take old chicken giblets Ciccone long to start hating in the magazines and compromising her Christianiteeee all over town with her emotional retard kalashnikov.

And it didnt take Guy ‘where did you get that cap, you look a fucking twat’ Ritchie long to respond with a bit of dissing on the internet with his ‘Gristle-gate’ comments.

So who pray is coming out of this shit-storm with any goddam class at all? Patience children. I will tell thee. Good old Lady Amber Leighton, Guy’s posh’un mum who commented the other day, (presumably via a violet scented notelet arriving courtesy of liveried footman in horse and carriage), ‘Well, he knew what he was doing when he got involved in that end of the market…’

Alexis Colby and you don’t even know it. Lady Amber Leighton – j’adoring you.

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  1. Just shows, you can’t buy class. Madge, notebook at the ready please, you might learn something….

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