Bette comes out to the gays for Obama!

Talk about your bay of pigs!

Well, it was never going to surprise anyone that Bette ‘Divine Miss M’ Midler was going to plump – did someone say plump? She’s not plump, she’s in great shape – for Barack Obama in the hooray-soon-to-be-over US elections but who thought she would ever cross the glittering portal of a gay establishment to press the issue?

Here’s a really rather shonky bit of video footage (with a bit of preamble and stuff) of La Midler imploring the gays to phone the people they’ve slept with, the people they’re sleeping with and the people they hope to sleep with (what is she trying to say about them gays?) to get them to vote and vote right.

Over to Bette… 

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2 comments to “Bette comes out to the gays for Obama!”

  1. She’s come back into her own this year, lovely Bette. I remember when she was the most radical thing you could think of and then she went all Disney (literally!). Hope this is her coming back to her glory days.

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  2. hey hey – Thanks for using the Bette video clip from Naked Boy News!

    :) J.Son (host of

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