If he’s good enough for Madonna…

Love. Him.

This is Keith Haring. The one on the right in the glasses. The other one is Our Glorious Leader (even more so now she’s ditching the gimp: funny that she’s saying about him now what we were saying when she married him. Right?).

Keith Haring, for those outside the art loop (or for anyone who hasn’t opened their eyes in the last thirty years) was a seminal grafitti artist of the 80s specialising in shiny babies, funny dogs and nudie mens. He even got his own cock out (and painted it) for Annie Liebowitz in a now legendary photo for Vanity Fair.

Well, he may have died of AIDS-related business years ago, but this is going to be his year, with a major book and a documentary – The Legend of Keith Haring – out round about now. The trailer to the documentary is after the jump. Now do your own research.  

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