Hollywood goes Halloween, as in the living dead party hard, as in no change there then

Amy, you should get that mole looked at loveWhat with it being All Hallows Eve (‘the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it’ – see we know Mean Girls just as well as we know Clueless, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and Showgirls) at the end of this week, the slebs have been oot and aboot doing what is known as ‘partying’ in costumes that quite frankly look like they were picked up with the Forever Friends party invitations and ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug in Clinton Cards.

But who went as what and why? Cindy Crawford off-of mole did a rather convincing Amy Winehouse, presumably because being a model ‘n’ all, her lifestyle is so clean and healthy that she would never ever be caught doing what Amy does or does not do in London’s dingiest Camden. We think it might be ironic. In an Alanis Morrisette kind of way.

Professionally ‘rumoured-to-be-on-the-rocks’ couple (this would sadden us v. muchos) Courtney and David Cox-Arquette (does he use the double barrel too? *looks around for help* No? Well, why ever not? Sexist pig!) went as his ‘n’ hers witch and wizards. And ‘keep the change you…’ Tobey Maguire went as… er… Tobey Maguire.

White dustbin matter Meanwhile, at another event that has entirely nothing to do with this piece, here is Gwen Stafani dressed as a fried egg…

Easy over
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