Spooks! Yey!

Welcome to the fold, sir.

Spooks is back!

*has a wet wee; then a white one*

You may recall that Spooks is one of our favourite goggle-box shows. It’s exciting and has men we want to bum in it. It also has Hermione Norris who’s a hard-core bitch and we j’adore a hard-core bitch.

And each season – or maybe we should go all America’s Next Top Model and call it ‘cycle’. Though knowing Tranny Banks she’s probably TM’d the word ‘cycle’ in her never-ending quest to take over the world – they give us a new gentleman caller to go all do-lally over. And this time it’s that bloke Dawn French inexplicably married in The Vicar of Dibley, Richard Armitage. That’s him up there with his top off. The BBC knows its audience. Good BBC.

Now then now then, we have brand loyalty to Rupert Penry Jones and he need not fear relegation, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on this Armitage up-start… and you know us, we’re an inclusive bunch and will happily welcome him into the ‘mo-fold if certain levels of nudity are maintained.

Obligatory informative bit: Spooks, Cycle 4? 5? Who can say? 9pm on Her Majesty’s BBC the First.

Now let’s look at Rupert Penry Jones’s tits ‘n’ ass…

Phone sex. Peachy. Remove the duvet immediately.


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3 comments to “Spooks! Yey!”

  1. I heart Spooks. Before The Penry of Jones came The McFayden of Darcy. I would like to take part in a weekend of fun with both of them. And The New Armitage.

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  2. RPJ is dead :-( and I am not so sure about the new boy yet. He’s nice and all, but not quite RPJ. It all gets a bit formula with Spooks. The minute someone new comes on the scene you know one of them is likely to snuff it.

    This one however, hubba hubba!

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  3. […] but, you know, this Lucas gennelman AKA Richard Armitage does have nice eyes… And it looks like he’s seen the inside of a gymgaysium and not […]

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