Bye bye sweet caress…

The Freds.

…oh hello emptiness.

Or something. We’re normally quiet good with lyrics, but our brains are currently flailing in a pool of e-numbers courtesy of a bumper crop from Economy Candy down NYC’s glittering Lower East Side (we’re an international lot, and it is almost Halloween…), so we’re not too sure whether we’re channeling Simon and Garfunkel or Breathe’s ‘Hands to Heaven’ or ‘Build Me Up, Buttercup, Don’t Break My Heart (b’dum, b’dum, b’dum)’… Either way, it’s a total segue ’cause Freddie Ljunberg is leaving these green and pleasant shores for, well, Seattle. Can’t really comment on Seattle as we’ve never been, but it looks dead nice on Frasier.

To expand: Freddie Ljungberg, who by all reports hasn’t done much in the way of football since 1973, is ditching the Premier League (us neither) for Americaland soccer, namely Seattle Sounders FC.


Cue a whole load of ‘another footballer who advertises pants goes to the US’ stories which is fine with us, s’long as they show ’em in the pants. Like this…

Honey, we can see your pants...! Dodgy tat, but we'll let that pass...

Or this…


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