Would you hit/lick/kick/flick/bum it?

Momma says, 'Nice tits!'

‘It’ has a name. Rafael Nadal.

(Didn’t our momma teach us well!)

Rafael Nadal’s rather good at tennis, and rather good at gettin’ his arse out. But we knew that.

Here he is with his tits out.

*Momma calls*

Oh, apparently he needs a hair cut.

*Momma calls again*

Apparently the neighbours got new curtains, and could be Jewish.

Anyways plural, this is he/it/Raf on the cover of Sport magoizine, Frenchie versh. Which is rather a good magazine, we must say. French and English vershes, for that matter. (The actual cover’s got cover lines on it. Mags haven’t gotten that brave just yet…). You can see it after the jump if you like.

ps. We’re eating HobNobs Creams.¬†You know, two of your traditional HobNobs squished together with glutenous, delicious but certainly not nutritious¬†cream betwixt the two? They’re a revelation.

Oh, very well done...

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2 comments to “Would you hit/lick/kick/flick/bum it?”

  1. he looks like a planet of theApes

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  2. He has lopsided nips

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